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The wooden base is not provided by us and is a responsibility of a customer.


You can choose any number of arrangements for your wooden base. We recommend having at least three arrangements per a small wooden arbour as in the picture. 


The order may be placed at least 2 weeks before the wedding.


The product is available for pickup and delivery.
The base of the arch and all mechanics used are rentals and must be returned by the customer within a week after the event.


NO REFUNDS for this product.

Small arrangement for a wooden arch

  • We give NO REFUNDS for A La Carte florals as our availability is very limited. The work on your florals starts immediately once we get your order.

    All vessels and hard goods are rentals and must be returned within a week after the wedding to avoid additional charges.

  • Once you order your florals in this section, we contact you within a few days to discuss your vision of the florals and details on delivery and set up. No mood board is provided for A La Carte floral orders but the ideas are summerized into one page document if needed. On the wedding date, we deliver the florals to your venue, set them up whenever it is available, and leave. No de-installation is included in this service. Please let us know if you prefer to have the florals de-installed by us - we will be happy to help but additional costs will be charged. Otherwise, all the rentals have to be returned within a week after the wedding date. Additional costs may be charged if the goods are not returned on time.

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