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Our Story

When I was a kid, I was keen on running in the field picking flowers and making beautiful arrangements for my dear mom. I was growing but my love to flowers wasn’t fading. Over the years my life became a whirlwind, lots of things have changed, but I stayed the same - the same little girl dreaming of bringing beauty to this world, the girl dreaming of creating breathtaking arrangements - the arrangements that bring lots of joy every time you look at them, the arrangements that you keep in your memories. Though there is a significant difference – now I am the girl who knows design principles, colour theory, knows how to process, treat and store flowers right (and in big quantities), how to plan and build large floral installations, come out of unpredictable circumstances on site (as they happen to everyone) and make your special events look inviting and dreamy, the girl that always learns.

I am also happy to call myself a loving mom and a wife to my lovely husband.

With love,

Kristina - owner & principal florist of Blossom Bar

Photo by Diana Nesteruk


Photography by Ashley Notley photography

Our Philosophy 

We believe that floral design is an art and treat every design as an art work. Getting a new project for us is like getting a cluster of clay that we overthink, shape and make a sculpture that you will bear with you in your memories along with the memories of your Wonderful Day. Aesthetics plays a big role not only in our work but our life. We believe it makes our lives happier, more romantic and is so needed for each of us. Inspired by every separate couple we also draw inspiration from the wind, paintings, movies, architecture as well as whimsical and airy beauty of the nature. Every design, every bouquet from us is created with a special attention to details taking into account design principles and colour theory.

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